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Richard Daly in ConversationThe Adventist Media Centre (UK), or AMC-UK, provides media resources for the Adventist church including interviews, documentary programmes, promotional videos and various reports for special events.

While a modest facility, the studios provide Christian programming that has been recognised for the high quality of its content.

Recent programme series include:

ViewpointViewPoint: A topical discussion programme that explores issues affecting UK society and the Church such as 'What is Truth', 'Is violence ever acceptable', Christians and the Environment', or 'Dealing with End of Life choices'. The programme aims to provide a platform on which the church can talk about uncomfortable and sometimes difficult topics that affect the Christian and secular world.

Adventists In Conversation: brings you stories that challenge faith and thinking. In talking with guests from varied backgrounds and lifestyles we discover what is important in their lives and so learn lessons for our own.Richard-Series-still1

In addition we produce a number of shorter, web only programmes on health, witness, current events and Adventist News. AMC also works in collaboration with other Adventist producers in the UK and overseas.

AMC programmes can be seen on the Hope Channel, which is the Adventist Church's international 24-hour satellite television station, and twice HopeTVweekly on Revelation TV, a Christian channel on the UK Sky and Freesat platform. Most programmes are also made available for Broadcast on Demand.


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