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AMC-UK is the body through which other Adventist entities, churches, organisations, groups or individuals within the UK and Ireland must submit programmes for possible broadcast on the Hope Channel satellite or website. The British Union Conference provides funding for the running of the Hope Channel's satellite services in Europe but does not provide any funding to entities (apart from AMC-UK) for the commissioning of programmes, purchasing of equipment, or other production expenses.

Submission of Programmes for Broadcast on the Hope Channel

Control_room_Oct09AMC-UK will consider completed programmes for broadcast and, if these are acceptable in terms of quality and content, will pay for the programmes to be converted from PAL to NTSC and will send them on to the Hope Channel for inclusion in the programme schedule for Hope Channel Europe.

Programmes submitted for inclusion should:

  • be between 28 and 29, or 58 and 59, minutes in length, in order to fit into the Hope Channel's programme structure.
  • convey Adventist values in keeping with the policies of the General Conference.
  • be produced in such as way as to provide interest and relevance to a secular audience, where possible.
  • be submitted to AMC-UK in either MiniDV, DVCAM, or BetaSP tape format. Other tape formats and DVD disks will not be accepted. Alternatively high-quality AVi or mp4 h264 are acceptable.Contact the studio for details.
  • be complete and in final edited form, with appropriate credits, date, and copyright notice.

Additional notes

  • Tapes will not be returned to the sender and copies may be kept by the Media Centre for archiving purposes.
  • Material is accepted on the understanding that the producer has given permission for the programme to be broadcast on any of the Hope Channels, at such times, and for as many times, as the Hope Channel shall decide.
  • Producers must ensure that any programmes they submit to AMC-UK are in compliance with the law in relation to copyright, and that any release documents required have been obtained. This is particularly important in connection with music. The strong recommendation is that only original music that is either public domain or is your own copyright be used in programmes. Please contact AMC-UK if you need guidance in this area.

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