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Kathleen Hanson discovered a love for education when teaching in the children's Sabbath School and supporting her nieces with schoolwork some thirty years ago. This prompted a change of career from the banking world (Kathleen was working in Lombard Street at the Head Office of a well-known high street bank), to studying for a B.Ed (Hons) degree. On completion of her studies, Kathleen was approached by the BUC, to interview for a teaching position at Newbold Primary school. The successful outcome marked the beginning of a career within Adventist Education.

Kathleen worked at the school for seven years, during which time she also completed a Master's Degree in Education, at Newbold College. Following marriage and motherhood, Kathleen taught communication and choir in the Summer School of English. The Newbold years were happy ones with many fond memories of working alongside teachers such as Rachel Surridge and Christine Woods (under the leadership of Maurice Brooks) and of having great College mentors such as Dr Jeff Brown.

A re-location to Oxford saw Kathleen teaching in a state school before moving to Watford to take up a teaching position at Stanborough Primary School, where she remained for 14 years. During this time, Kathleen was promoted to Deputy and then Headship in 2009. Kathleen has found being a Headteacher truly rewarding, as it brought together her organisational and leadership skills, as well as her love for children and Adventist education. She enjoyed the problem-solving aspects of the work and the scope it provided to make leadership decisions that would positively impact the children's holistic development.

During her time at Stanborough, Kathleen continued to utilise her musical abilities in running the school choir, which achieved distinction at the Watford Music Festival. She has continued to run various youth and adult choirs during her teaching years.

Like music, education remains a constant theme in Kathleen's life as she takes up the challenge within the BUC Education Department. Kathleen believes that Adventist Education is timeless; that its holistic principles speak to a balance in education that is often missing in our fast-paced world. In its broadest sense, Kathleen believes that Adventist education is not just about Adventist Schools, although this is a significant aspect, but about the education that the child receives from its first teachers in the home.

Kathleen feels blessed to be a mother and teacher and she feels privileged to have nurtured the holistic development of many children during her time as an educator.
In conclusion, Kathleen strongly believes that her sanity, strength and any perceived successes are purely down to the goodness of God and His blessings on her life. She continues to look to Him for daily inspiration, wisdom and guidance in all that she does.


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About Kathleen Hanson

Kathleen HansonAdventist Education: Timeless, holistic and balanced.