About Steve Okelo

Steve OkeloSteve Okelo was born in Kenya’s first Adventist Mission station - Gendia.  His Father was an Editor to the Publishing house and by extension he placed a great emphasis on reading and more so on the study of the Bible.   Steve is fascinated by the endless surprises in the reliability of this book.

He had the privilege of Adventist Education in his former years. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business and Accounting with strong legal emphasis from the University of Sunderland Business School. He also holds a postgraduate studies leading to being a chartered Certified Accountant.  He has been in the accounting industry for over 17 years including as as a property Accountant in a large London Mayfair company.

Steve currently serves as the Associate Treasurer of the British Union Conference and is Company Secretary for the Seventh-day Adventist Association (SDAA), the legal entity for property owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

"Each day’s work here at the Seventh-day Adventist Association is challenging and thoroughly satisfying. It varies from intense discussion with Solicitors on a legal contract in the morning then before midday involves a decision to hire the services of a surveyor to advise on the effects of a neighbour’s contractors digging below a church building foundation. It may conclude with a phone call from a Pastor worried that he might be struck by lightning during a service due to a faulty lightning conductor in the roof." 

The role has endless variety as do his interests and hobbies.  These include being fascinated by utility machines and farm tractors, country walks, Bible studies and just thinking. If he could be a boy again, he would continue raising racing pigeons.

Steve and Pauline have two young children, Pamela and Christopher. They keep them busy and entertained.  What a wonderful world.


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