Children's Ministries


Seventh-day Adventists affirm the right of every child to a happy and stable home environment. Children’s Ministries recognise that children are born with an inherent capacity for spirituality that requires nurture and support. Children’s Ministries also recognise children's ability to effectively share their faith in ways appropriate to their age, personality and giftedness. It therefore encourages the creation of opportunities for children to engage in service for others, along with their families and churches, for the benefit of their communities.

Children’s Ministries work hand in hand with Family Ministries to equip parents and primary carers to disciple their children for Christ. The primary role of the Children’s Ministries department is to partner with leaders at every level of the church structure to facilitate this goal by:

  • creating and identifying appropriate ministry resources
  • training and equipping children's ministry leaders
  • educating and resourcing parents
  • educating and supporting leaders and families to help ensure a safe environment for children


Along with the Family Ministries and the Secretariat Department, Children's Ministries oversees the implementation of the church's safeguarding policy, Keeping Our Church Family Safe, to ensure best practice in the protection of children. Please visit our Safeguarding page for more information.


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