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The Health Ministries Department of the British Union Conference functions to:

· Provide information for health ministries leaders and health professionals to enhance their ministry role within the church and the community.

· Assist churches by making resources available to them in the area of health and healing.

· Highlight key aspects of health ministry and how it can be incorporated into the mission of the church.

· Provide a foundation on which to undertake future workshops to enable learning about the mind/body/spirit connection and how it relates to general well-being.

· Encourage our churches to become centres of healing and hope for all.

This ethos is reflected in the General Conference Health Ministries caption which states: ‘Every Church – a Community Health Centre; Every Church Member – A Medical Missionary.’

Key Departmental Objective: To promote a healthful lifestyle among the members of the churches in the Union and the communities in which they serve.

The BUC Health Ministries Department’s aims to achieve this through the following:


  • Communicating the message of health and well-being through national publications like MESSENGER magazine and media sources such as Hope TV.
  • Promote the goals of the department and encourage church members in healthful living by visiting, preaching, teaching and undertaking training events in local churches in the BUC territory.
  • Conduct mid-week, Sabbath and/or weekend seminars on pertinent subjects as requested.


  • Conduct Health Seminars and programmes:
  1. Health screening and Health Expos
  2. Mental Wellbeing initiative
  3. Healthy lifestyle practices awareness (exercise, rest, diet)
  4. Lifestyle change programmes such as NEWSTART/ CELEBRATIONS/ CREATION HEALTH
  5. Smoking Cessation
  6. Stress Management
  7. Nutrition seminars and food demonstrations
  8. Other topical health programmes as requested
  • Health Risk Assessments:

May be used in conjunction with the above programmes or as an adjunct to the programmes of other departments (eg. Community Services); to complement evangelistic meetings; or as an ‘entering wedge’ in new areas through appropriate agencies (ie. County & Health Fairs etc).


  • Initiate and organise training programmes for ministry and laity in various health programmes (ie. Nutrition Instructors training course) utilising overseas and/or local qualified personnel where appropriate.
  • Give selective input to the Health Evangelism component in our educational institutions, evangelistic programs and Literature Evangelist training.


  • The production of health resources and relevant literature for use by health ministries leaders, the wider membership and individuals in the communities in which we serve.
  • Act as a resource for locally led programmes delivering presentations and providing relevant literature and visual aids.
  • Adapt overseas programmes for local use.
  • Advise on (or actually provide) exhibition materials.


  • Liaise with and provide mentorship to Health Ministries leaders in their role
  • Support pastoral teams and the wider membership on matters relating to health
  • Give input to evangelistic outreach programmes providing a health component and giving advice on issues relating to wellbeing.
  • Network with professional groups such as AMEN (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network) involving Adventist medical and paramedical personnel.


  • Represent the Health Department of the Church at national initiatives both within church and community settings.
  • Act as the spokesperson to the media regarding health related issues of interest to Adventists.
  • Contribute to the work of national organisations where appropriate: e.g. Department Of Health (D.O.H) etc especially where health issues impact on religious beliefs.


  • Co-ordinate departmental activities throughout the Union territory liaising with Division and local fields supplying such information, reports and materials as may be required to the appropriate bodies.
  • Utilise weekly and monthly reporting outlets like BUC Newsletter and MESSENGER to share developments and the work of the Health Ministries Department.


  • Encourage health leaders to participate in national annual health events through the dissemination of the NHS health events calendar
  • Liaise with The Department of Health and other health organisations to encourage the inclusion of faith and cultural aspects in their national programs / projects.

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