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Bible studyThe Seventh-day Adventist Church offers Bible and health studies in a number of different formats. Choose from one of the options listed below:

Studies by Post or Online

Bible or Health Studies  - UK & Ireland Only. A variety of studies discovering more about Jesus, the Bible, Biblical archaeology, Prophecy, or Family and Health issues.  A new, 'let's explore' study guide is now available for children.

Quiz 28

Quiz 28

A fun multiple-choice quiz where you time yourself against the clock to learn more about 28 different Bible topics.


Bible studyDownloadable Studies

The simple text based Bible studies below are available in ASCII format or Microsoft Word for Windows.

There are 21 studies in the series and they are designed to be used in the order in which they appear below. The exam is optional, but I find that young people particularly like to have some objective assessment of how they have progressed in their study. The record form is useful for keeping track of who has studied what, and the "Questions about Baptism" document just answers a few common questions. You can download all the plain text studies (33k zip) or download all the MSWORD studies (58k zip) in one go, or view the plain text files one by one by selecting them below.

Bible Study Index:

Revelation & Inspiration
The Nature of God
God the Son
Man's Original Condition
Sin and Consequences
The Humanity of Christ
The Death of Christ
The Holy Spirit
The Sabbath
The Prophecy of Daniel 2
The Prophecy of Daniel 2 - (pdf version with colour pictures - 300k)
The Prophecy of Daniel 7
The 1260 Day Prophecy
Christ's Second Coming
The Millennium
The 2300 Day Prophecy
The Sacrificial System
Christ Our High Priest
Christian Stewardship
Your Body - God's Temple
Joining the Church

Record Form
Questions about Baptism

Personal Studies

If you would like to receive personal studies from one of our representatives please send an email request to:
Email address
and we will try to arrange one for you.

Bible Links

Quiz 28. Time yourself against the clock in this multiple choice quiz based on the 28 Fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists. All of your Bible questions answered here.
Internet Bible Study Reference Library. Tools and links from Andrews University.
The Bible Gateway. Many different versions of the Bible, including audio.


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