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General Conference and World Divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

General Conference Headquarters www.adventist.org
East Central Africa Division www.ecd.adventist.org
Euro-Africa Division www.euroafrica.org
Euro-Asia Division (in Russian) www.adventist.ru
Inter-America Division www.interamerica.org
North America Division northamerica.adventist.org
South America Division www.adventista.org.br
South Pacific www.adventist.org.au
Southern Africa Indian Ocean www.sidadventist.org
Southern Asia Division www.adventist.org.in
Southern Asia-Pacific www.ssd.org
Trans-European www.ted-adventist.org
Western Central Africa Division www.wad-adventist.org

National Seventh-day Adventist Offices Around the World

Australia www.aucsda.com.au
Austria www.sta.at
Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) www.adventistu.baznica.lv
Bermuda www.adventistbermuda.org
Brazil www.sisac.org.br and www.ucb.org.br
British Isles www.adventist.org.uk
Canada www.sdacc.org
Czech Republic www.casd.cz
Denmark www.adventist.dk
Estonia www.advent.ee
Finland www.adventist.fi
France www.adventiste.org
Germany www.adventisten.de
Holland www.adventist.nl
Hungary www.adventista.hu
Iceland www.sda.is
Ireland www.adventist.ie
Israel www.sdaisrael.org
Italy www.avventisti.org
Latvia www.tagnet.org/latvia
Lithuania www.tagnet.org/bauc
Malta www.adventist.org.mt
Mexico (South) www.unionsur.org.mx
Netherlands www.adventist.nl
Peru www.union.org.pe
Portugal www.adventistas.org.pt
Romania www.adventist.ro
Singapore adventist.org.sg
Slovakia www.casd.sk
Slovenia www.adventisti.si
Spain www.unionadventista.es
Sweden www.adventist.se
Switzerland www.stanet.ch
United Kingdom www.adventist.org.uk
Venezuela www.tagnet.org/uva
West Indies www.tagnet.org/wiunion
Yugoslavia www.adventisti.org.yu

If you can't find the Seventh-day Adventist Church web site you are looking for in the list above try Adventist Churches Online, an excellent index of Seventh-day Adventist sites provided by the McDonald Road Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Other Seventh-day Adventist Sites in the UK and Ireland

ADRA-UK - Adventist Development and Relief Agency
Aberdaron Camp Site - Youth and Family Campsite in North Wales
ASI-UK - Association of Adventist Business People
Irish Mission of Seventh-day Adventists
London Youth Federation
Newbold College - Higher learning institution for Northern Europe
North England Conference
Scottish Mission of Seventh-day Adventists
South England Conference
Splash UK - Adventist Radio North London
The Stanborough Press
Trans-European Division Office, St. Albans - Headquarters for the church in Northern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Pakistan
Welsh Mission of Seventh-day Adventists

English Speaking Churches in Europe

Paris International church France
New Life Chapel, Berlin Germany
Rhein Main International church, Darmstadt, Germany
Geneva English Church Switzerland

Other Major Adventist Web-Sites

ADRA - Adventist Development and Relief Agency - International Headquarters site
Adventist Archives - Discover a vast range of statistics, information, history and information about the Adventist Church
Adventist Archive Documents - A rich collection of Adventist Documents from throughout it's church history
Adventist Review - a major world publication of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Adventist Singles - a forum where Adventists can share ideas and meet new friends
ASI-Europe - a forum for Adventist business people across Europe
Adventist Television Network - global satellite television service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Adventist World Radio - a remarkable network of transmitters all over the world
Amazing Facts - a ministry by evangelist Doug Bachelor. This website has lots of information and resources
Adventist Volunteer Service - Your opportunity for short or longer term mission locally or across the world.
Bibleinfo.com - all of your Bible questions answered
Cornerstone Connections - the place to get all your youth Sabbath School study materials
Digital Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal - Lots of hymnal resources here as well as complete lyrica
E G White Estate - information about Ellen White, an inspired early pioneer of the Adventist Church
Global Mission - strategic evangelism for the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Hope Channel - the 24/7 satellite television channel broadcast by the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Internet resources of Adventist Institutions - many other links here
LetsTalk - a site where youth can put questions directly to the General Conference President
LifeTalk Radio Network - live streaming radio, studies and much more
London Youth Federation - excellent site run by young Adventists in London. Relevant to all youth
Ministry Magazine - A magazine for both Adventist ministers and their colleagues from other denominations.
Newbold College UK - main Seventh-day Adventist College in Europe
Pathfinder Web Site - International Seventh-day Adventist Youth Organisation
Perspectives Digest - Website of the Adventist Theological Soceity.
Scottish Mission Youth - run by the Scottish Young People themselves
Seventh-day Adventist Books - with links to Adventist publishing houses around the world
Sabbath School Net - information and study materials for use in weekly Bible study groups
SDA Net - links, news service, and a graphical church locator
SDA Source - many other links here - includes a search-engine and a graphical church locator
Seventh-day Adventist Church Yearbook
- the definitive directory of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Website for those questioning Adventist beliefs - specially designed for those who have left or are thinking of leaving the church.

Other Christian Links

Answers in Genesis. A lot of useful material in the creation versus evolution debate.
Bible Gateway. Online Bible in many different formats, including audio
Bible Society. Organisation dedicated to making the Bible heard throughout the world
CTBI. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
Church Net UK
. To find any Christian denomination in the UK start here
Christian Aid. Major Christian charity, supported by a number of denominations, including the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Christian Answers. Answers many questions relevant to Christians
Christian Enquiry Agency. An ecumenical evangelistic programme
Christians in Recovery. An excellent site dealing with depression, family dysfunction, abuse, as well as various addictions
COIN. It stands for Christians on the Internet and is an interdenominational group of Christian users of the Internet
Fish. A general purpose ethical web-site covering a wide range of issues. Using the site raises money for Christian Aid
Positive Life Radio. Christian Internet radio - if you have Real Audio
rejesus. Non-denominational site devoted to explaining simply who Jesus is
UCCF - The Christian Union website for University students and other thinkers.  Great apologetics material.
UK Christian Handbook. Lots of statistics and resource information



Other Helpful Links

Cult Information Centre Concerned about the use of deceptive and manipulative methods used by cults to recruit and indoctrinate unsuspecting members of society.
Reachout Trust Reachout Trust is an international Christian ministry, that upholds biblical truth, and builds bridges to those in the cults, occult and new age.
The Samaritans when you really want to talk to someone.

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