We are stewards of a faithful people. Operating at the heart of the Seventh-day Adventist Church our purpose is to encourage people to live in harmony with the enduring life of Jesus Christ. Our work is supportive of people, institutions and departments who are responsible to society through Trustees and professionally compliant within the highest principles of the regulatory environment. We seek to use our influence with a sense of grace whilst seeking to balance, in prudence, competing needs over time.

Our spiritual contribution is: to build trust.

 Watch the seminars given at the 2018 Treasurers' weekend. Courtesy of SECmedia

Financial Reports: Tithe and Annual Accounts.

Annual Reports

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Audited Retirement Plan 2012
2018-12-19 | Annual report together with audited financial statement for year ending 5 April 2012

Reference Documents

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Tithe Usage
2013-02-21 | A Summary for easy reference
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Fundrising Ideas
2013-02-21 | A List of ways in which one may fundraise


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